Twilight Tally for Novice Bowlers

This activity is no longer being run as there has been insufficient interest. Of course if you come down on a Monday evening for a roll-up you are likely find others who may wish to join you.

Clocks go back this weekend, which gives us some usable twilight for bowling. This is the perfect opportunity to restart our series for ‘beginner and improving’ bowlers, which will kick off this coming Monday, October 5th at 5:30pm. This year eligibility to participate will be quite precise and reasonably inclusive. The series is for ‘novice bowlers’ using the Bowls Victoria definition, which means bowlers with 4 years or less bowling experience. That, rather notably, includes nearly half our current membership.

Nevertheless, bowlers with more experience are certainly welcome to attend on the understanding that they contribute advice and guidance during an event that is primarily aimed at newer bowlers. More experienced bowlers may bowl with the novices but will not be eligible to participate in the ‘tally’.