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Around 30 club members participated in this year’s Inner City Winter Pennant with notably better success than last year. We again entered 3 sides, with stronger participation among our top players and an improved standard of bowling among our seconds. Sides 1 and 3 were again entered into divisions 1 and 5 respectively. Side 2, however, was boldly promoted into division 3 – a move argued for on the basis of improved playing standards and fully justified by subsequent results. The weather was mostly pleasant (though June 4 matches were washed out) and friendly yet competitive bowling was enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to all those who bowled in round 7 on June 11 when all three APBC sides won. As you can imagine there were joyful scenes in the clubhouse afterwards. Congratulations also to all those who participated in our second side, which performed well enough to make the finals, although they succumbed to a strong Camberwell Central side in the semi.

APBC Side 1 Results.

Our top side won 3 out of 7 matches. They had a couple of strong wins but also a couple of heavy losses. By the end they had gained 53pts and finished in 6th place. None of the top four sides dominated league play so 77pts was the number to beat for a finals spot. Congratulations to Middle Park who won the final in this division.

Division 1 Final Standings

Rank Club Pts
1 Richmond Un 88
2= Middle Pk 82
2= St Kilda 82
4 MCC 77
5 City of Melb 56
6 Albert Pk 53
7 Melbourne 40
8 Caulfield PA 26

APBC Side 2 Results

Our second side also won 3 out of 7 matches. Two wins netted 16pts each but more importantly a total of 14pts were picked up during the losses. At the end they had secured 60pts and finished in 4th spot to book a finals berth. Their league position benefited from the fact that Camberwell Central dominated league play, hence the standard to beat for a finals slot was only 56pts. Of course it was Camberwell Central who were our opponents in the semi-final and despite being on neutral ground and putting up a close fight in three games our side could not prevail. Nevertheless this continues a very encouraging season / off-season for our second side bowlers. Ironically, congratulations go to Brunswick who ended up defeating Camberwell to take the honours in this division.

Division 3 Final Standings

Rank Club Pts
1 Camberwell Cn 100
2 Brunswick 74
3 Caulfield PA 63
4 Albert Pk 60
5 St Kilda 56
6 Flem-Kens 55
7 Fitzroy Vic 52
8 MCC 44

APBC Side 3 Results

Our third side won 2 of their 7 matches and picked up a decent total of 16pts during losses. They finished in 6th place with 47pts. Congratulations to MCC Kew who dominated league play and won this divisional final.

Division 5 Final Standings

Rank Club Pts
1 MCC Kew 113
2 Middle Pk 83
3 Richmond Un 76
4= City of Melb 74
4= St Kilda 50
6 Albert Pk 47
7 Brunswick 31
8 Caulfield PA 30