APBC championships are contested every year in a variety of formats. Listed here are singles and pairs champions since the year 2000. Today the club singles and club pairs are open to both men and women but that may not have been the case for all the years shown below.

Year Club Singles Ladies’ Singles Club Pairs Ladies’ Pairs Mixed Pairs
2021/22 M Solonsch M Keenan S Gill & M Killen C Rafferty & M Keenan M Killen & C Rafferty
2020/21 R Huddle M Keenan S Gill & R Oakley C Rafferty & M Keenan M Solonsch & C Rafferty
2019/20 B Mantynen K Murphy M Stevenson & W Gill C Rafferty & M Keenan R Oakley & J Tesoriero
2018/19 W Gill S Rayner B Connelly & J Whitehead C Rafferty & M Keenan B Mantynen & S Rayner
2017/18 M Stevenson C Rafferty N Ralston & B Talbot S Gill & C Rafferty K Stevenson & M Stevenson
2016/17 T Maclean A Macauley M Pelzer & M Scriven A Macauley & J Williams A Macauley & R Dedman
2015/16 A Singh L Houniet C Houniet & M Stoney H Davis & M Keenan M Gurr & S Mooney
2014/15 M Stoney N Holman D Christie & M Solonsch H Davis & M Keenan N Ralston & J Williams
2013/14 N Ralston M Keenan M Solonsch & D Warnecke H Davis & M Keenan C Greenhatch & N Ralston
2012/13 M Solonsch C Greenhatch S Mooney & N Ralston H Davis & M Keenan K Stevenson & M Stevenson
2011/12 R Olsen M Keenan R Olsen & P Taylor C Greenhatch & J Williams C Greenhatch & L Lavelle
2010/11 R Dedman M Keenan M Solonsch & R Smith M Keenan & V Olsen K Stevenson & M Stevenson
2009/10 R Dedman M Keenan D Ground & S Hartog J Bird & G Oscar G Oscar & R Smith
2008/09 M Solonsch P Mansell M Stark & M Stark P Mansell & L Wallish P Mansell & M Stark
2007/08 R Dedman M Powe R Fairweather & L Lavelle J Lynch & G Oscar J Stoney & M Stoney
2006/07 R Gale N Holman R Gale & J Kiosses A Power & J Turnbull R Dedman & J Lynch
2005/06 R Fairweather J Stoney S Russell & J Stoney E Stoney & J Stoney P Marshall & J Turnbull
2004/05 C White M Powe S Russell & C White not played J Grech & I Webster
2003/04 J Rawlinson M Powe S Russell & C White not played R Fairweather & C Ogilvie
2002/03 S Wright J Stoney R Blackmore & R Sharp not played J Craige & V Johnson
2001/02 J Rawlinson I Webster A Phipps & M Stoney not played R Lay & G Orfali
2000/01 R Lay E Mavrias R Blackmore & N McBain T Sharp & I Webster R Lay & G Orfali