Duty Rinks for Match Days will be assigned by the Match Committee and will be communicated at the same time as Team Selections. The following are the tasks that need to be undertaken.

Preparation of the Rinks


  1. Insert the rink numbers, boundary pegs and corner flags and lay out mats, jacks and jack markers.
  2. Position the scoreboards, one per rink and one overall per side.
  3. Bring out the Umpire’s equipment box.
  4. Set out bowls scoops if required.
  5. Roll out and set up the water dispenser and cups.
  6. Hoist the Club and Australian flags.


  1. Return all the equipment to the shed.
  2. Lower and return the Club and Australian flags.
  3. On Saturdays, place all wheelie bins in the street for garbage collection.
  4. On Mondays, return all bins after garbage collection (assign one duty rink member to do this).

Preparation of the Clubhouse

  1. Set the tables for afternoon tea for all rinks taking a break.
  2. Ready the tea pots and milk jugs and prepare food per Margot’s direction.
  3. Prepare the raffles.
  4. Just prior to the break, ring the bell and make the tea (an ideal task for the lead player after having bowled).
  5. As players enter the clubhouse distribute the teapots, milk jugs and food.
  6. Towards the end of the break run the raffle draw.
  7. Wash all crockery, cutlery etc. and clean up the kitchen.
  8. Empty all clubhouse rubbish bins.