Twilight league bowling
Twilight bowling by candlelight
Twilight bowlers dining

The Twilight League runs for the summer season during daylight savings. The competition is open to all members, who may play in as few or as many rounds as they like. Participants pay a one-time $10 entry fee. The pooled entry fees create a prize pot. Varied team selection, an innovative points system and a broad prize distribution ensure that matches are keenly contested up to the very last round.

League matches are played on Wednesday evenings and start at 18:00. The current format is 12 ends of three bowl pairs with one rink of two bowl triples if required. Partnerships and opponents are drawn largely at random but with a couple of constraints. Firstly, some grading of players takes place to avoid grossly uneven contests. Secondly, some reshuffling takes place to prevent rematches. Participants have typically appreciated the variety of partners and opponents that this matchup process generates.

This season league standings are determined by points awarded as follows. Players receive points equal to their shot difference from each match (negative points if they lose) plus 3 pts for a win or minus 3 pts for a loss. For a draw all four (or six) players receive zero points. At season end the prize pot is distributed proportionately between all players finishing on positive points. In 2021 with 27 participants in total the prize pot was $270 and the overall winner took home a $90 prize.

Season Summaries