The Twilight League is open to all members and involves matches that begin at 6pm on Wednesdays throughout the summer season. Competing pairs or triples are made up anew each week from attendees. Team selection is based on players’ current league performance and aims to provide slightly graded contests. Matches comprise 8 ends and points are awarded to each player as follows. Each player on a team that wins by more than 6 shots receives 6 points while their opponents receive no points. For wins of 4, 5 or 6 shots they each receive 5 points while their opponents each receive 1 point. For wins of 1, 2 or 3 shots they each receive 4 points while their opponents each receive 2 points. In the case of draws both sets of players each receive 3 points. So players are rewarded more generously for bigger wins but are also rewarded for keeping losses to a minimum.

The end of season winner and runner up will be based on accumulated point totals. However, since players are not expected to participate in every match throughout the season only a subset of best results will be used to determine final standings. Currently the league is scheduled to last for 20 weeks so it is likely that each player’s best 8 results will be used to determine final standings – this number may be revised as the season progresses depending on participation levels.

Standings as of Nov 7 (rather uninteresting after just one match!)

Player Best 8
Tot Pts
/ Game
# of
Fletcher.R 4 4.00 4 1
Oakley.R 4 4.00 4 1
Wilson.G 4 4.00 4 1
Clark.L 2 2.00 2 1
McGregor.D 2 2.00 2 1
Mooney.S 2 2.00 2 1