The Midweek Bankers competition is open to bowls members not selected to play midweek pennant that week as well as to all social members. It is a friendly competition between APBC members. Play is competitive but lasts for fewer ends than an actual pennant match and is typically less intense. It is an ideal way for newer bowlers to get a taste of competitive bowling. Midweek Bankers starts at 10am on Tuesdays when teams are arranged from the available participants.

Throughout the season points are awarded to participants. 1 point is awarded for showing up and playing and additional points can be gained for a win (2pts) or a draw (1pt). The table below shows points gained so far by those who have played at least 3 matches. At the end of the season something rewarding will be presented to those who have performed the best (details to be advised).

Player Plyd Points Pts/Gm
Grahame.J 13 23 1.8
Hudson.S 10 22 2.2
Dobson.S 8 20 2.5
Lee.H 12 18 1.5
White.B 6 16 2.7
Quayle.B 7 15 2.1
Liston.T 6 12 2.0
Keenan.K 4 10 2.5
Meiri.I 7 9 1.3
Edgar.J 4 4 1.0