Midweek bankers rink
Bowls on green

Midweek Bankers matches take place when the number of available pennant players exceeds the number of pennant spots. These matches also offer newer bowlers competitive experience before diving into full pennant competition. They are also open to social members but are intended to be competitive rather than social in nature. The aim is to encourage greater pennant participation, which in turn may enable us to enter an additional pennant side. That would allow greater flexibility in selection and offer a more satisfying pennant experience across the entire squad.

Midweek Bankers matches run concurrently with those of Midweek Pennant. Bankers should arrive by 09:45 for team selection and expect a 10:00 start of play. During pennant home fixtures only two rinks will be available for Bankers. It is preferred that players wear club shirts if possible when sharing the green with pennant players.

In seasons of strong Bankers participation a season long competition may be organized. Innovative points tallies maintain interest in match outcomes to the end. Selected summaries for such seasons are listed below.

Selected Season Summaries