Side managers for pennant matches should undertake the following:

Before the Game

  1. Collect the appropriate manager’s folder from the Club.
  2. Arrive at the match venue by 12:30 in order to be available for the timing of the green (see below).
  3. Begin preparation of scorecards for each rink by filling in fixture and APBC team information including at least the first initial and surname of each player.
  4. If at home begin preparation of the yellow BV Pennant Check Form by entering all the APBC player names.
  5. Draw for rinks in conjunction with the opposing side’s manager. The home side manager should place all four scorecards name-side down on a table and the visiting side’s manager will then place one card on top of each of these cards. The visiting side’s manager, having been advised of the available rinks, should then nominate one rink per pair of cards. Mark these rink numbers on the cards.
  6. Finish preparation of the scorecards by filling in opposing team information taken from the opponent’s paired cards. Skips generally accomplish this by taking two pairs each and completing both their and their opponent’s cards.
  7. If at home finish preparation of the Pennant Check Form by entering the opposing side’s player names opposite the corresponding APBC player names according to the drawing of the rinks.
  8. If at home ask the umpire for the day to supervise the timing of the green. If away and APBC is the most senior visiting side then either accompany the home side’s umpire in timing the green or ask another APBC member to do so. The timing of the green should be carried out at 12:30.
  9. Distribute fees envelopes, ratings slips and scorecards to each of the skips.
  10. Collect fees envelopes from each skip before the start of the match once the fees have been collected.

After the Game

  1. Collect final signed scorecards and ratings slips from each rink.
  2. Together with the opposing side’s manager complete the yellow Pennant Check Form. The home side manager should enter the scores on the form along with the corresponding points, calculate the totals and then sign the form. The visiting side manager should check these entries and countersign the form.
  3. When at the Club place the fees envelopes in the cash tin, the ratings slips in the competition manager’s drawer and return the manager’s folder.
  4. The most senior home side manager should collect any other home side Pennant Check Forms and report all the home side results to Bowls Victoria by telephone (03 9861 7100) between 17:00 and 18:45. Give information in the order: Division, Section, Winning Side (Name & Side Number), Points, Score, Losing Side, Points, Score.
  5. Finally place all Pennant Check Forms in the competition manager’s drawer.