Sign Up

Several important sign-up sheets have recently appeared on the noticeboard in the clubhouse. New members should note that the noticeboard, to your right as you enter the clubhouse, is the primary place to sign up for events and competitions. This is rarely possible by email and as yet never through the website. Although you should be advised of new opportunities via the Albert Parkers, and occasionally via the website, you will nevertheless do well to get into the habit of checking the noticeboard each time you visit the Club. So what has appeared there recently?

Firstly with both Midweek and Saturday Pennant competitions about to start, two important sheets have appeared for both. First is the opportunity to sign up for these competitions, for which full and junior members are eligible. Most who are interested have already signed up but it is never too late. The second Pennant related sheets are those indicating unavailability. Ideally all participants are available for all 18 rounds of Pennant but realistically there are going to be absences and it is vital to make the selectors aware of any known absences as far ahead as possible.

Secondly you will now find sign-up sheets for our Club Tournaments, also open to full and junior members. These include a diverse range of formats such as singles, pairs and triples. New members who have been enjoying early success with their bowling might like to consider signing up for either the Men’s or Ladies’ Minor Championships.