Tea On The Green?

The very latest edition of our Parkers newsletter can be accessed here. Read about the upcoming tea party in support of the Cancer Council where you can say farewell to a stalwart of our club. ‘Who is that stalwart?’ you might ask – none other than our quirky fading carpet. Some might say, ‘good riddance’, but be advised, there will be no prize for the first person to say ‘I miss our old carpet’. Also in this edition is a fascinating timeline of our club’s history, an introduction to Albert and notification of a sale of succulents in the Spring. Succulents? – is that what’s been growing on our old carpet?

Revamping the APBC website

If you’re reading this post then you will have spotted that changes have been made to the members area of the APBC website, which is now called the ‘Clubroom’. The good news is that members no longer need to enter a password to access a wide range of useful content. This change is part of an overall redesign of the APBC website, which will be going live in the near future once our avid designers have agreed on the final style and structure. Nevertheless the Clubroom has been given approval and is where members will come to read the latest news or notifications or to search for club or bowls related information that might be of use to them. We’re excited that this will be yet one more way to strengthen the community of our members.