Side managers for pennant matches should undertake the following:

Before the Game

  1. Collect the appropriate manager’s folder from the Club.
  2. Arrive at the match venue at least 30 minutes before start of play in order to complete pre-match duties.
  3. Begin preparation of scorecards for each rink by filling in fixture and APBC team information including at least the first initial and surname of each player (if not done earlier).
  4. Draw for rinks in conjunction with the opposing side’s manager. The home side manager should place all four scorecards name-side down on a table and the visiting side’s manager will then place one card on top of each of these cards. The visiting side’s manager, having been advised of the available rinks, should then nominate one rink per pair of cards. Mark these rink numbers on the cards.
  5. Finish preparation of the scorecards by filling in opposing team information taken from the opponent’s paired cards. Skips generally accomplish this by taking two pairs each and completing both their and their opponent’s cards. Toss for the mat, identify the umpire and the opposing side manager’s location during the game.
  6. Distribute fees envelopes, (ratings slips if applicable) and scorecards to each of the rink seconds.
  7. Collect fees envelopes from each second before the start of the match once the fees have been collected.

After the Game

  1. Collect final signed scorecards (and ratings slips, if applicable) from each rinks second.
  2. Together with the opposing side’s manager, verify all home and away scorecard results align and have be signed.
  3. When back at our Club place the fees envelopes in the cash tin and return the manager’s folder.
  4. The most senior home side manager should collect all scorecards and report all the home side results to Bowls Victoria via the Bowlslink website. Note: For away games, the home team has up to 24 hours to enter the results for later confirmation by the away team side manager.
  5. Finally, pass on the scorecards to the selectors keeping a copy or photo for teams where the Bowlslink data entry activity has not been finalised (away games).